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Will Potts


Will Potts is an award winning lighting, show and production designer. 

Will has worked in many professional creative roles within the live industry with a wide variety of artists in different genres of performance - from cutting edge contemporary performance art and theatre, dance, television broadcasts and large scale events through to arena size live concerts and global tours. 

Will won a Knight Of Illumination Award for his design work with critically acclaimed electronic act Disclosure in 2014 and won the award a second time for his work with Sam Smith in 2015. (KOI awards). 

Will graduated in 2006 with a BA (Technical and Production Art) from the Royal Scottish Conservatoire (RSC).

Specialising in Lighting and Show Design, and with a passion for live music, Will and his teams offer artists and their collaborators a dedicated, personal and inventive approach to design. Drawing on his multi genre experience he takes inspiration from the artists with whom he works and the exciting technology around him.

Lighting Design            Production Design            Set Design            Show Design

            Creative Producer            Concept Creation 

"As for the visual spectacle, the projections and light show were on point, featuring the brothers as stars more than a typical electronic artist."
- Consequence Of Sound - Disclosure, 2015

"one of the weekend's more impressive stage designs."
- Rolling Stone on Bonaroo Festival - Disclosure, 2014

"Every song is accompanied by amazing visual effects that provide a unique aesthetic to each of them, turning the show into a set of many delightful sensory experiences."
- The Upcoming - Disclosure, 2015

"hugely impressive video show."
- Manchester Evening News - Disclosure, 2014

"Will Potts won for his stripped back, stylish, tightly choreographed lighting."
- Knight Of Illumination Award - Sam Smith, 2015

"..outstanding lighting and visuals."
- Brag Magazine - Disclosure, 2016

" impressive light and laser show, some of the best i’ve seen in the Opera House which is a MASSIVE call"
- The Interns - Disclosure, 2016

"His suit was sharp, his 10-piece band sharper still, the lighting spectacular."
- London Evening Standard on Sam Smith, 2015

"The light show was impressive, and the eight-piece band simply but strongly presented on their stepped platforms."
- New Zealand Herald - Sam Smith, 2014

" conjunction with the lights and video work - it’s hard not to feel like you’re being subjected to a sensory overload. It’s as though you just spent the last hour and a half plugged into a machine that transmitted the entirety of human existence into your brain, with all its hopes and anxieties amplified."
The 405 - Oneohtrix Point Never - Robert Whitfield